At CCM, we understand the delicate balance required to collect from your customers, especially if you’re still working with them. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, so you can be confident that your customers are being treated with respect and consideration.

current portfolio

commercial medical loans $2,400,000,000

consumer & business credit cards $325,000,000

collecting client success

“CCM is our collection agency of choice because of their ability to deliver results well above industry averages in a hassle-free, professional manner. In addition to successfully managing multiple large commercial loan portfolios for us, CCM also provides collection consulting on staff training, best practices and technology recommendations. We expect this to have a huge impact on our internal collection results. I highly recommend CCM to anyone looking for a collection agency or collection consultant.”

Albert Crawford, Chairman & CEO
Bankers Healthcare Group, LLC

"Landmark Community Bank did not have the capacity or designated resources to effectively collect our growing credit card portfolios. Delinquent accounts were contacted after they were 30 days past due. Total delinquency was growing at a high rate. By engaging CCM we immediately had the resources necessary to begin collecting accounts when they reached 5 days delinquent. We were updated weekly. Their collectors were well trained in both compliance and collection techniques. In a very short time delinquent accounts were reduced and we were able to identify problem accounts much faster.

CCM’s dedication to providing exceptional service and outstanding collection results have allowed us to originate more accounts to this portfolio, which will help to increase our revenues in the years to come. CCM truly is a trusted partner; their attention to compliance, ethical behavior and true understanding of the importance of our customer relationships set them above the rest.

I highly recommend CCM to any institution searching for a collection agency."

Daniel R. Nulton, President
Landmark Community Bank

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All CCM collectors are ACA Certified Professional Collection Specialists and FDCPA Trained