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How Would Your Customers Rate Your Collection Process? Your Revenue Depends on It

From beginning to end, your customers’ experience with your debt collection team can affect your brand reputation as well as your success in collecting revenue. Simple adjustments in approach as well as investments in modern technology will benefit you now and in the long run.


The Role of Technology in Revenue Recovery during COVID-19

Without a guaranteed end date for the pandemic’s economic effects, businesses are in a unique position to modernize their collection practices in real-time while helping customers overcome their financial hurdles.


Compassionate Problem-Solving: The New Collection Strategy You Can’t Ignore

There has never been a better time to implement a new approach to collection–one rooted in empathy, collaboration, and problem-solving.


Two ways lenders can engage borrowers during a loan modification cycle

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the lending industry. For banks, credit unions, direct lenders and other FinTech organizations, customers have shifted gears from aggressively planning for the future to focusing on immediate concerns.




Compassionate Efficiency

Credit union members who are struggling to pay their loans can use a little extra compassion. Our CEO spoke to Credit Union Management magazine about CCM’s approach to compassionate collection, and why it’s important.



Three Ways to Approach Collections with Compassion

In an article for Credit Union Business, our CEO outlines how credit unions can implement a collection approach rooted in empathy, collaboration, and problem-solving.



How to Know the Difference between Legitimate Debt Collections and Scams

Not sure if the debt collection call you’re getting is legitimate or a scam? Our CEO spoke with CNBC about red flags to watch out for so you can know the difference.



‘We’re not all the boogeyman’: How this debt collector is trying to change his industry’s bad rap

In a story with CNBC, CEO Jacob Corlyon discusses the common misconceptions surrounding debt collection, and how CCM is working to change how consumers and creditors see collection agencies.


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