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In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the lending industry. For banks, credit unions, direct lenders and other FinTech organizations, customers have shifted gears from aggressively planning for the future to focusing on immediate concerns.
It’s important for lenders to remain forward-thinking, using customer feedback and data to safeguard your business today, and in the future.
Dental practice owners have several options for increasing revenue during this time, not just by recovering outstanding receivables, but also by creating new income opportunities.
Taking control of your practice’s accounts receivable (AR) cycle can help your practice minimize errors, increase payouts, and improve the administrative experience for your staff.
When it comes to maximizing accounts receivable (AR) collection, dental practice owners should work with administrative staff to develop a custom, flexible yet reliable system.
Creating a comprehensive patient intake and billing process can help minimize the time and resources your staff spends chasing payment and improve your patient experience.

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On a recent episode of the Lend Academy Podcast, our CEO Jacob Corlyon and President of Global Sales Alistair Canal discussed how CCM is reimagining collections and share strategies for collecting in a challenging economy.
Dentists seeking to gain control of their A/R cycle should examine their insurance claim process. In an article for Dentistry Today, our CEO Jacob Corlyon outlines a 60-day claims processing approach to maximize efficiency and increase payouts
As dentists prepare to reopen their practices, they need to focus on regaining financial control. Un a Dentistry Today article, our CEO Jacob Corlyon shares five ways dental practices can improve the patient billing, payment, and collections process.
Corinne Galavitz joined CCM as controller. Corinne will be responsible for managing cash flow, ensuring proper accounting, and working with leadership to ensure CCMs financial health.
Jeremy Cali joined CCM as General Counsel. In this role, he is responsible for compliance oversight, litigation and providing legal guidance to the executive team.
Alistair Canal joined CCM as President of Global Sales. Canal will lead the sales department responsible for driving CCM revenue, brand development, and strategic client relations.
Capital Collection Management Co-Founder and CEO Jacob Corlyon is named one of the top 50 receivables professionals in the country by Receivables Advisor magazine.

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