CCM Advantage

Forget everything you know about collection agencies. As a full-service partner, CCM operates differently, because we were designed differently. We follow a formula for success that no other collection agency has mastered:
People-first approach + cutting-edge technology + compliance expertise + brand protection = success for you and your customers
Every step of the way, we let our expertise and professionalism guide the process of onboarding individual clients, working with their customers, and turning receivables into revenue.


CCM’s account executives focus on partnership, not pursuit, to help your customers find long-lasting solutions and not just temporary fixes. We approach every interaction with empathy, respect and a goal of putting consumers on the path to financial success. This mindset is a cultural one, imparted by leadership and protected by every CCM team member. Maintaining this mindset is what keeps CCM competitive and effective, helping to find solutions for consumers and providing results for our clients.


At CCM, we use industry-leading software, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a custom collection strategy based on your business’ needs. This starts with geographic (state and federal) compliance requirements, and is layered with proprietary communications tactics, developed by our team of collection experts to lower your accounts receivables. And all of our collectors are ACA and IACC-certified and FDCPA-trained, so you can be confident your customers are receiving professional and ethical treatment.


We see protecting our clients’ brands as one of the key objectives when working with consumers. Happy consumers who are treated with empathy and professionalism are not just more inclined to work to repay their debts, but also to come out of a collection experience with renewed confidence in that brand. CCM understands that sometimes even star customers fall behind in payments, often out of negligence or accident, not out of malice. We seek to uncover opportunities and solutions, not incite shame or guilt.

Improve cash flow

Reduce accounts receivable

Limit internal expense

Protect your brand

Relieve administrative burden

Focus on your business

Looking forward to collecting your business. GET STARTED


All CCM collectors are ACA and IACC-certified and FDCPA-trained.